Hurricane Intercooler Black 2,5″ connections (58cm wide)

52845 Ft


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Hurricane 2,5″ aluminum intercooler 58cm

Universal black aluminum intercooler from Hurricane motorsport.

  • Effectively cools the intake air from the turbocharger to the engine intake
  • Provides lower intake temperature for more power
  • Durable bar and plate intercooler core
  • Low pressure drop across inlet and outlet
  • Robust end tanks
  • Black design
  • Smart mounting points
  • Quality cooler from Hurricane Motorsport

Width: 580mm
Core: 400x300x76mm
Connections: 64mm (2,5´)
Construction: Bar and plate
Material: Aluminum
Mounting: 4x M8 threads, two on top and two under
CC between mounting holes: 300mm

Each intercooler is pressure tested separately to ensure high quality.

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