Hurricane Oil cooler 19 row (330mm)

39309 Ft

M22x1,5 female thread

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Hurricane 19 row oil cooler 330mm

Black universal aluminum oil cooler from Hurricane motorsport.

  • Fully aluminum for the best heat conducting properties
  • Low pressure drop across the inlet and outlet
  • Durable core
  • Robust construction
  • Black Design
  • Flexible mounting
  • M22x1.5 connections with female thread
  • Adapters are available as Full Flow
  • Quality from Hurricane Motorsport

Choose connections

In the drop down menu, select fittings. Full Flow with minimal restriction or regular adapters.

Oil cooler for all types of engine oil, rear axle oil, gear oil and other transmission oils.

Oil cooler is a must on a tuned engine / drivetrain. Higher power output and or/and performance driving, the heat development also increases with increased oil temperature as a result.

Some examples are drifting, track racing and rally where all cars need oil coolers because of high load and oil temperature.

Sizing of oil lines

What size of hose and fittings you should pick have no general answer. AN8 is most common if you do not know what to have. Things that affect include:

  • Oil line ID
  • Oil line length
  • Fitting size
  • Number of fittings
  • Angle of fittings
  • Oil filter housing
  • Oil thermostat
  • Sandwish adapter
  • Oil filter
  • Wet sump or dry sump
  • Oil viscosity
  • Ambient temperature

In the end, it is about not getting too much pressure drop between the input and output of the motor / drivetrain. Measure this before and after assembly so you know for sure.

Technical info

Heigth: 147mm + fittings
Width: 330mm incl brackets
Core Width: 283mm incl. end plates
Width CC between connections: 242mm
Width CC between mounting holes: 310mm
Thickness: 51mm
Connections: M22x1,5 female thread
Material: 6061 Aluminum (T6061)
Weight: ~1,23kg
Oil capacity: ~0,38liter
Max working pressure: 10bar
Colour: Black

Each oil cooler is pressure tested separately to ensure high quality.

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