V-band 2,5″ (63mm) kit steel

13165 Ft

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V-band 2,5″ ( 63mm )

Steel V-band kit of very high quality. These flanges are self-sealing, so extra gasket is not required. The V-band clamp is compact and custom designed to provide a good clamping force without having to tight the lock nut hard. Lock nut completely mande in metal and not in nyloc that burns up.
New updated model with conical flange seal that makes the V-band joint completely sealed when assembled.

Technical info:

ID: 64mm
OD: 84mm
Total width: 25,2mm (both flanges)
Flange clamp surface MIN: 3mm (6mm with both flanges)
Flange clamp surface MAX: 5mm (10mm with both flanges)

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